A Tailored Solution for Unique Dealership Marketing Needs

Recognizing the efficacy of one-time email initiatives from the past, Activator takes a significant stride forward by integrating automated multichannel campaigns at scale. Also known as mini-journeys, Custom Campaigns are created and executed with our Journey Builder powered with Salesforce. Custom Campaigns are a dynamic component within Activator that sends personalized messaging and offers with multiple touchpoints via email and SMS (text) to a targeted audience.

Here's how it works:

1. Activator's seasoned Dealer Success Consultants create and send a mini journey across multiple channels with multiple touchpoints focused on a service-oriented or sales-driven initiative or a special event.

2. The system first engages audiences with an email or text and then subsequently delivers more tailored offers and information to those who actively respond.

3. Activator delivers customers who have demonstrated a strong interest in purchasing or selling a vehicle, identifying them as "handraisers," and sends these handraisers directly to the CRM.

Unlock an Incredible Package of Benefits and Features

Dealers gain access to a dedicated Dealer Success Consultant to aid in custom audiences based on dealer-specific KPIs, events, and monthly goals.They also receive up to two campaigns per month and each Custom Campaign includes:

Our content library allows our Dealer Success Consultants to create OEM-compliant Custom Campaigns using dynamic content, including text and emails.

Gain handraisers from past customers interested in buying, selling, or scheduling a service, sent directly to your CRM.

Two touchpoints within a 30-day period.

An initial touchpoint that is sent to a targeted audience via email and SMS.

A follow-up touchpoint is sent via email and SMS to those who engaged but have yet to convert with the first touchpoint.

OEM co-op reimbursement management included.

Measuring Success

To gauge the impact and success of Custom Campaigns, Activator introduces Custom Campaign reporting metrics for dealers using Activator Pro, Activator for Sales, and Activator for Service.

With the introduction of journey marketing, the volume of handraisers has increased by 30% in 2023 vs 2022, and more than half (53%) in 2023 have come from our new SMS channel. Activator’s Top 20 dealers see an average of 48 handraisers a month.

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