How to improve the customer experience with a CDP

Watch Bobby Gaudreau as he takes you through how to improve the customer experience and keep customers engaged with a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Learn how a CDP can unify first-party and behavioral data to maximize your dealership's marketging, identifying high-intention buyers and targeting them across multiple channels to purchase their next vehicle.

Thinking Beyond Equity for New and Used Car Sales Webinar

Watch Bobby Gaudreau, VP of Sales & Marketing at Activator Dealer Solutions, talk about how to:

  • Think beyond equity offers and messaging when there are fewer cars on the lot with a proactive pre-order strategy
  • Find, engage, and grow your customer retention for both sales and service
  • Focus on relevant messaging to give customers and prospects more reasons to purchase from you
Adapt or Fade: How Dealerships Can Learn From the Decline of Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Bobby Gaudreau, VP of Sales and Marketing at Activator, will take you through missteps brick-and-mortars have gone through as well as missed opportunities that dealers can learn from. Then he will walk you through areas dealerships can improve on and how dealers can stay ahead.