Activator's service retention strategy helps dealerships modernize their data strategy, drive growth, and increase service drive revenue. One of the biggest advantages of using a strong hybrid Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Multichannel Marketing Journey Builder to reach customers is that it provides a seamless and engaging service experience that encourages repeat business and builds customer loyalty.

Start With The Industry’s Most Advanced CDP

Activator's advanced Customer Data Platform powered with Salesforce unifies your dealership data using multiple touchpoints, enables automatic customer categorization, and actively learns customer preferences. Our platform provides a complete and accurate picture of your customers by combining DMS, Enriched data, Activator's OEM Maintenance interval data, and owner verification data.

DMS Data
Drive Customer Engagement with Powerful Customer Journeys.

Send customers down personalized journeys with a dynamic approach that delivers relevant content across multiple channels based on the customer's actions. Our Multichannel Marketing Journey Builder powered with Salesforce is flexible and moves customers in and out of our sales, service, and engagement-based journeys allowing customers to create unique path-to-purchase depending on past service times and their interactions.

Send Customer-centric, Purpose Driven Marketing

Activator sends multichannel marketing to existing service customers who are due for service—delivering relevant, cohesive messages to dealership customers across multiple channels, allowing for a consistent yet personal experience for each customer based on their interactions. Send purposeful content via automated emails, interactive SMS (texts), and direct mail.

Drive Customer Engagement with Activator’s Service Journey

• Sends appropriately timed service customer engagement based on % of due service intervals.

• Deliver upcoming service and past due service reminders for each brand that you sell - new and used.

• Drive new customer engagement with introduction emails and why-service-here marketing.

• Send equity offers for qualified customers, helping dealers turn their service customers into sales customers.

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