Not All CDPs Are Built The Same

Are you using customer data to its full potential? Activator automatically collects and unifies multiple data sources and exposes that data to our personalized journey builder to increase customer engagement and conversion. Our CDP analyzes data to get a complete picture of your customers and what they need and respond to and get’s smarter over time.

Combine Multiple Dealership Data Points to Build Unified Customer Profiles.

DMS Data
Collect all the available data from your dealership sales and service transactions.

Activator's Deep Equity and Owner Verification Data
Add Activator's cleansed and enriched data using VIN-based technology and automation.

Engagement Data
Based on your customer's behaviors and interactions, Activator layers in engagement over time.

Expose Your Data in New and Innovating ways.

Anticipate what your customers and prospects will do next. Enhance their experience by sending them down personalized marketing paths based on their every interaction. Send relevant, multichannel marketing that engages with each customer individually, reaching them through their preferred channel.

Let The PROs Do It For You.

Learn more about a customer than just what's in your DMS. Get a complete unified profile of your customers using engagement and third-party data. Let Activator take the guesswork out of your dealership data management. Schedule your 1:1 demo with our representative today.