Activator's Hybrid Customer Data Platform and Multichannel Journey Builder is the industry-leading solution redefining equity marketing—uniquely blending data and marketing automation strategies that streamline sales and optimize customers' equity journey.

The Industry's Most Advanced Hybrid CDP and Multichannel Journey Builder

Activator's Hybrid CDP and Multichannel Marketing Journey builder powered with Salesforce delivers consistent messaging and creates better customer experiences while reaching customers where they are. Promote engagement with marketing automation based on customer interactions taken over time, leading to increased sales.

Don't Chase a Score, Chase Engagement

You can chase a score or listen to what a customer tells you through their interaction with your dealership marketing. With our unique blend of dealership solutions and a customer-centric approach, we're committed to taking your dealership to the next level. Activator customers see an overall +20% reach and a 13% increase in sales volume year-over-year. Schedule a demo to learn more.

We All Do Equity, But Activator Identifies And Engages Buyers That Are Ready Now

Our solution is tailored exclusively to increase your dealership's efficiency and profitability through the following:

Equity Classification: Founded on the award-winning technology of DealActivatorâ„¢ and the latest incentives, we categorize customers based on their payment capabilities and preferences. Customers with lower payment options (for both new and used vehicles), those who can maintain their current payments, and customers who can manage slightly higher payments, all with no money down.

Multichannel Journeys: We utilize multiple automated touchpoints and communicate with customers through 12 texts, 12 emails, and four direct mail pieces. Employing text, email, and direct mail based on the customer's insights and preferences, we can increase our reach by 20%+, ensuring optimal customer engagement.

Handraisers: Past customers who have shown a strong interest in buying a vehicle, selling a vehicle, or scheduling a service appointment. These prioritized, high-value equity leads ensure your sales team always works with the most promising prospects. In fact, Activator's Top 20 dealers see an average of 48 handraisers a month.

Continuously Engaging Customers: We believe in engaging customers at all stages. We send early marketing to understand customers' preferences, continue marketing based on preferred channels and content that resonates, and feed all that information back into our CDP for continued incremental growth and customer loyalty.

Service to Sales: We turn your service customers into sales opportunities, focusing on customers who service their vehicle with you - for both customers that have and have not purchased from your dealership.
Printable Welcome Packages: We warmly welcome new customers with our customizable, printable welcome packages, including an appraisal certificate and presentation sheets.

Handraisers: The Key to Customer Engagement Success in the Automotive Industry

Throughout this eBook, you will gain an understanding of what handraisers are and why they're crucial to the success of your automotive business. You'll discover strategies for generating and nurturing these leads and utilizing a multichannel marketing approach. Download our Handraiser ebook to learn more.