The Activator Advantage

Activator is the data-driven marketing solution that finds customers, builds deeper engagement, leverages the latest technology, and promotes dealership efficiency to increase sales and service-drive revenue.

Activator's Flexible Platform

Activator's platform focuses on your dealership's customers to create a complete profile, expand your market reach, and engage customers across multiple channels with relevant messaging while adjusting their personalized journey based on actions taken over time.

The Industry’s Most Advanced CDP

Activator's Customer Data Platform creates an enhanced view of the dealership's customer profiles using the latest technology. All products use Activator's Customer Data Platform (CDP) to unify the dealership's DMS data with third-party data and Activator's enriched data to create a complete view of customers and leads.

  • Unlock dealership data to create a complete view of your customers and leads.
  • Clean up data with Activator’s Follow the VIN technology.
  • Stay up-to-date with ongoing email appends and National Change of Address.
  • Tracks your customers dealership interactions to optimize your lifecycle journeys.
Multichannel Marketing Journeys

Activator's platform sends customers down personalized journeys with a dynamic approach that sends relevant content across multiple channels based on the customer's actions. Our marketing journeys are also flexible and move customers in and out of our sales, service, and engagement-based journeys allowing customers to create unique path-to-purchase depending on their interactions.

Interactive Reporting and ROI Measurement

Activator's platform interactive reports and dashboards are centered on incremental ROI measurement; drill down to know which customers are Handraisers, who is engaging with your marketing, and which customers are transacting in your service drive. Our dedicated Performance managers and marketing coordinators monitor engagement and ROI trends to ensure our dealers meet their goals and help them make data-based adjustments over time.

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Stay ahead of changing industry conditions with a solution that provides a clearer picture of your customers and builds reliable marketing you can trust. Our dealers see an overall +20% reach, a 13% increase in sales volume, and a 14% increase in service drive revenue year-over-year. Talk to one of our experts and receive a live 1:1 demo of Activator in action.