Build Customer-centric, Personalized Marketing

Activator Pro’s new lead-nurturing lifecycle campaigns are multichannel and promote engagement with automated marketing based on interactions your customers take, leading to increased sales.

Start with a Modernized Data Strategy

Unify your dealership data using multiple touchpoints. Enable automatic customer categorization and prioritization of your customers and leads. Activator PRO focuses on your DMS, Enriched Data, and Activator's Deep Equity and Owner Verification Data to create a complete picture of your customer.

Drive Customer Engagement with Powerful Sales and Pre-order Journeys.

Keep your pre-order and sales marketing messages in front of the customer until it is time to upgrade or trade-in.

  • Pre-orders: Send first-touch learnings and re-engagement journeys with Pre-order messaging encouraging customers to reserve their next vehicle. Increase engagement and new car sales by reaching the customer sooner to put them into the vehicle that interests them.

  • Sales: Nurture customers throughout their sales journey using frequent marketing that engages customers before the end of their term.

See Activator PRO's platform and customer journeys in action. Talk to one of our experts and receive a live 1:1 demo.

Stay Flexible and Convert Customers Over Time

Activator Pro’s Customer Data Platform coupled with dynamic multichannel marketing, delivers consistent messaging and creates better customer experiences while reaching customers where they are.

Marketing qualified leads prepared to upgrade, sell, renew, or pre-order a vehicle become Handraisers and are sent to the dealership through the Activator Platform or directly to your CRM.

The quality of the leads, especially those hand raisers, those are very strong, very high, high closing rate leads. It also helps so we don't have so much wasted marketing. For the dollar, the ROI, you're a very good source that we're glad to have. Ricky Perez | General Manager at Schaumburg Kia

Ready To Let The PROs Do It For You?

Let Activator take the guesswork out of your marketing. Talk to one of our experts and receive a live 1:1 demo of Activator in action, and visit our website to get started. Our dealers see an overall +20% reach, a 13% increase in sales volume, and a 14% increase in service drive revenue year-over-year.